Webinar Recording: Converting your CEO into a Contract Management Champion: 3 Key Lessons

Many good contract management initiatives never get off the ground because of a failure of communication - after all, contract professionals and lawyers may speak a different language than the CEO.

Your evaluation team may compile a long list of impressive-sounding benefits, but when presented to an impartial executive team with no intuitive connection to the project, those benefits may be discounted as too soft or too hard to measure. To convince them, you need to pitch your business case in terms of solving an urgent problem and delivering measurable results. You need to convert your CEO.

In this webinar, we walk through a three-pronged framework to bring the CEO on board:

  1. Focus on the “Burning Platform” – A contract-related problem that must be solved
  2. Tell the Story in Hard Numbers – How will your contracts solution improve the balance sheet and P&L?
  3. Remember to Account for Execution Risk – Is the plan supporting these numbers realistic?

You need to know how to explain to the CEO why “fixing our contract problems” deserves attention and money; what it will deliver in terms of top line, bottom line and balance sheet impact; and whether the scope and timetable of your project is grounded in reality.