Exari IACCM Contract Certainty

Webinar Recording: How to Achieve 100% Contract Certainty

Contracts have the potential to provide businesses with either certainty or expose them to risk. However only a few companies can truly measure where they sit on the spectrum of contractual uncertainty and risk. Why? Because until now, the challenge of modeling and measuring contractual risk has been frustrated by the complexities of departmental, industry and geographic silos.  

Exari is pioneering a universal approach to contract modeling that promises to change the game and transform the way businesses will analyze and create contracts moving forward.  By providing new insights into contract risk and contractual relationships, smart business leaders will significantly benefit from greatly improved revenue certainty, supply chain certainty and more resilient, valuable organizations.

In this webinar we:

1) explore challenges organizations have faced in achieving complete visibility across their contracts

2) pose the question of what ispossible when contracts are transformed from documents to data

3) explain how a universal contract data model can achieve contract certainty