Introducing Exari Contracts Hub

Webinar: The 5 Scariest Questions Your CEO Could Ask About Your Contracts

The Hub is all about getting organized.

Imagine your CEO comes to you with a question about which contracts carry the most risk. Or asks you to prepare for an M&A event that afternoon.

What would you do if you were asked the following questions?

  1. “We’re preparing for an imminent M&A event. I don’t need to worry about contract surprises, right?”

  1. “We have a problem with a vendor - they’re claiming that they own part of our product/want to create a competing product/have already approached our biggest customer - but our contracts with them are tight, right?”

  1. “I have a strategic account insisting that they receive the best pricing we’ve ever granted to any client. What is this pricing?”

  1. “Why is the Times calling me for a comment on a data breach of one of our biggest vendors? They would’ve told us about that, right?”

  1. “What are the 10 riskiest contracts and what are we doing to manage that risk?”

Pretty scary, right? This video training will answer these specific questions and tell you how to prepare for any contract-related inquiry coming from the CEO.

The foundation of good contract management is built on organization, accessibility and insight. After all, you can’t manage what you can’t see.

Both in the day to day and in the case of an unforeseen event, you need to know exactly what your obligations are, what you may be liable for, where your risk lies and what legal remedies you may have. This is where the Hub comes in.

The Hub keeps all your contracts in one secure place, captures key data points and creates reports for in-depth analysis of contract data.

In this 45-minute live webinar, Exari Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, Jamie Wodetzki, lists the five scariest questions, highlights the difficulties they bring up, and explains how with Exari’s contract management software the answers are only a few clicks away.

Because not knowing how to respond to the CEO is scary. But not being prepared is even scarier.