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 Exari and IACCM Webinar for Contract Management Professionals 

Join us alongside IACCM as we discuss how advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning are being applied to real-world, practical applications that every contract management professional should know about in order to expose risks that may be lurking in your contract management. Don't miss out! Register for the webinar using the form to the right.

When: Tuesday, April 30th, 11:00 AM EST / 4:00 PM BST


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Mitigate Risk in Your Organization with AI 

Every contract is a source of value to an organization, but it can also be a source of risk. Companies who lack a complete view into their contract portfolio will suffer from missed revenue, unmanaged risk, and an uncertain supply chain. In the past, legal departments have struggled to keep up with the costly, tedious and error-prone manual task of recording key details from their contracts. But the latest AI technologies are now being leveraged to allow businesses to automatically break down contracts and extract the data so it can be used to feed other systems, deliver operational reporting and sophisticated analytics.

 But how does AI really work? What can it do? How do you properly teach it?

 In this webinar, IACCM and Exari will team up to discuss the importance of AI for managing your contracts, how it helps to reveal unwanted risk, and why it is critical to start adopting it now. Join us to understand the roots of Exari’s AI capabilities, how it is much more powerful paired with a universal contract model, and what sets it apart from the rest.

 From this webinar, you will learn:

  • What AI for contract management really is

  • The common data modeling mistakes

  • Feeding the beast: shredding, classifying & extracting data

  • Nurture by teaching
  • Revealing your good (and bad) data


 Key takeaway from this webinar:

  • Learn how to apply specific AI applications that you can bring back to the office, including risk assessment, data and document migrations cleanup and automation of mundane tasks. 

Our Presenters


Melissa Siah

Product Manager 


Melissa leads the AI development program within the Engineering team at Exari, with a personal focus on data modelling. In a previous role, she designed and built a LegalTech app for automating marketing promotions that increased productivity of the legal team by 90 percent. Melissa received a double honors degree in Software Engineering and Law from the University of Melbourne, before working in-house for the Australian government on telecommunications regulation and policy.


Sally Hughes



Sally is an experienced and accomplished commercial and contracts management professional, holding senior commercial positions at a range of corporate and multi-national organizations. After gaining an Honors degree in Law, Sally spent her time in house in the corporate sector, where she worked globally in the Telecoms and IT industries, before establishing her own legal and commercial consultancy in 2007. Sally is passionate about enabling business efficiency and growth through contracting and commercial excellence; she understands the need for robust business operations to drive these efficiencies, together with the requirement for effective communication and collaboration at all times.


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