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 Exari and IACCM On-Demand Webinar: An AI Survival Guide for Contracts Professionals  

Exari and IACCM team up to discuss the rise of AI and how to develop a game plan for surviving and thriving in the new machine age. 

Download this on-demand webinar to understand how Artifical Intelligence (AI) and machines are evolving, what contracts professionals should expect and how it will impact their daily working lives. 



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Are You Ready for Artifical Intelligence? 

After years in the wilderness, artificial intelligence now touches us every day.  Machines talk to us, understand us, suggest music and products we’ll like, and will soon be driving us to work.  We’re living in a golden age of machine learning that is evolving at a rapid rate.  But what does it mean for contracts professionals?   How will it affect our working lives?  This on-demand webinar will help you understand what AI and its various buzzwords mean, how it makes many existing contracting tasks easier, how it will change your career and your business, and how to develop a game plan for surviving and thriving in the new machine age. 

 From this recording, you will learn:

  • A brief history of AI, the long slumber through to the new golden age  
  • How AI makes data extraction painless for legacy contracts counterparty paper  
  • How AI changes the insights you can obtain from contract data  
  • How Contracts AI affects your business for better and worse 
  • How Contracts AI affects your career for better and worse 


 Key takeway from this recording:

  • Learn how to develop a Contracts AI game plan for the short and longer term. This will help you and your team back in the office to begin the process and what will work best for your organization. 

Our Presenters

Jamie Wodetzki

Jamie Wodetzki 

Co-founder and Chief Product Officer


Jamie co-founded Exari in 2000 and served as CEO until 2008 when he relocated to Boston to expand the company. Prior to co-founding Exari, Jamie was a Senior Associate with Minter Ellison, a large Australian law firm, where he focused on copyright, technology and the information industries. He has been an adviser to the Supporters of Interoperable Systems in Australia (’97-’07), a Board member of the Australian Digital Alliance (’98-’08), and represented an international NGO at the WIPO Copyright Treaty negotiations (’96). He received his law degree from the University of Melbourne.

Tim Cummins

Tim Cummins 



As CEO of IACCM, Tim works with organizations to support understanding of the role that procurement, contracting and relationship management play in business performance and public policy. Tim's writing is extensively published and he has acted as an advisor to many of the world's largest companies and government bodies including the US, UK, Australia, Canada and Japan.


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