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In this on-demand webinar, Exari and Guest Forrester discuss in a dialogue between experts why it is important to worry about risk, how to locate it and what to do about it when you find it. Learn why tagging documents is an outdated practice and takeaway from the webinar a more reliable technique for understanding your prevailing terms. 

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How To Find Contract Risk and What to Do About It

Contracts are the core of every businessThe language inside of them defines the rights and responsibilities of each party: what you must do, what you must not do, and when.  Every time there's a new tax or regulation, a change to your business, a supplier crisis, or disruption to the global economy, your contracts will often shape the impact on your bottom line.  Failure to understand these risks, and to update your contracts accordingly, can result in a loss of business, high fines, or serious reputational damage. But what if you could easily pinpoint your risks?  

It is now easier to monitor your entire contract portfolio and any risks they contain. Guest VP Principal Analyst from Forrester, Andy Bartels, and Exari's Founder and Chief Product Officer, Jamie Wodetzki, discuss why you need to worry about risk, how to locate it, and what to do about it. Learn why tagging documents is an outdated practice, and takeaway from the webinar a more reliable technique for understanding your prevailing terms.  


Our Presenters

Jamie Wodetzki

Jamie Wodetzki 

Co-founder and Chief Product Officer


Jamie co-founded Exari in 2000 and served as CEO until 2008 when he relocated to Boston to expand the company. Prior to co-founding Exari, Jamie was a Senior Associate with Minter Ellison, a large Australian law firm, where he focused on copyright, technology and the information industries. He has been an adviser to the Supporters of Interoperable Systems in Australia (’97-’07), a Board member of the Australian Digital Alliance (’98-’08), and represented an international NGO at the WIPO Copyright Treaty negotiations (’96). He received his law degree from the University of Melbourne.

Andrew Bartels

Andrew Bartels

VP, Principal Analyst


Andy is a VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester, where he and his team research tech trends and adoption patterns. He has been Forrester for 17 years, and is a leading expert on buy-side technologies, business networks, and contract life-cycle management.


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