For London Market Insurance Companies

As the collection of personal and financial data increases, so do the risks and consequences of a cyber breach. Companies suffering a breach can face millions of pounds in fines, incurred legal fees, and business interruption loses. 

If you are an insurance company who underwrites corporate property policies, you may be responsible for these cyber-related losses without even knowing it. Download Exari's cyber exposure solution kit to learn more about this challenge, the steps you need to take to identify and mitigate your risk, and how Exari can help. 

Your kit will include a downloadable PDF of Exari's Cyber Exposure Solution datasheet and an on-demand video illustrating the steps you need to take to protect your organization against unwanted risk and unintended consequences.  

Download Cyber Exposure solution

Are you protected against unintentional cyber exposure?

How many bound risks in your portfolio include standard market cyber exclusions or electronic data endorsements? How many contain no cyber exclusions or sub-limited coverage that leaves you exposed? You need to put processes in place to ensure that your underwriters are uniformly including suitable cyber exclusion wording. 
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Exari's Three Pillars to protecting your organization against unintentional cyber exposure

  • Quickly analyze the policies to which you subscribe to identify silent and non-silent cyber wording with Exari Vision
  • Easily compare renewal documents against expiring ones and the language within a layered programme with Exari Match
  • Ensure your paper consistently protects against unintentional coverage and includes correct endorsements with Exari DocGen


What you'll learn: 

  • How to expose and understand your current risk, all while eliminating the current manual, time-consuming process  
  • Putting together a process for comparing the expiring policy to the renewal, saving you time and decreasing risks
  • How to stay compliant by always using the correct clauses when drafting quotes and policies  

Our Insurance Industry Specialists


Vanesa Clucas Martin

Account Director

Vanesa has spent over 6 years working directly with the London Insurance Market.  Previously focused on the "Adsensa" products, she built up strong business relationships with over 120 London Market entities including Lloyd's Syndicates, Insurance Companies and Brokers.  

Working closely on the development of data extraction rules from London Market MRC's (Slips) together with a key project organising a major Broker's clause Library has given her a unique perspective on the value Exari's software platform provides to the London Market.

Vanesa is jointly responsible for growing Exari's presence in the Global Insurance Market by promoting the business benefits of our software.



Martin Kett

VP Insurance Industry Solutions

Martin has worked in and around the Global Insurance Market for over thirty years, including Marsh in Bermuda, New York and London within their wholesale placement teams.

He became involved in technology from within the broking teams and was heavily involved in e-placement solutions at Marsh and then, subsequently, when he moved to work for Lloyd's.

Martin co-founded Exari's London office to focus on representing our market leading Document Generation solution into Broking and Underwriting processes.



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