Whitepaper: 2011 Corporate Counsel Contracts Survey 

Revenue leakage due to poor contract management is the biggest concern to in-house counsels

Corporate Counsel Contracts Survey ReportThis whitepaper highlights the results from the Corporate Counsel Contract Survey conducted at the Association of Corporate Counsel Annual Meeting, 2011. The survey was available to approximately 2,000 in-house counsels and explores the issues affecting the contracts process.

This survey report also includes a ranking of the top contract risks, along with occasional comparisions to results from the 2009 Corporate Counsel Contracts Survey to assess how the practice of contract management is maturing.

The most striking finding of this survey was the large amount of risk that respondents reported experiencing from their contracts and the extent to which it had hurt their business. Approximately 3⁄4 (71%) of respondents reported being concerned about the risk of revenue leakage as a result of their contracts.